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The Chart Show Ballot

Vote every week for your top five tracks (and enter our weekly ticket giveaway while you're at it), then tune in Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. CT to see if your favorites make the Chart Show, hosted by Mark Wheat!

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Vibes earplugs 120x120

Minnesota company Vibes is changing the earplug game

As a frequent concertgoer, Vibes founder Jackson Mann, knows how damaging the loud speakers can be. At first he thought the ear ringing he experienced after going to a concert was normal, and nothing he should worry about. But that all changed when he ruptured an ear drum after one too many loud shows. His…

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The Current Sessions®

Oake and Riley Features

Coffee Break: World Emoji Day

Chip Cramer of Big Fork carries his Midway prize.

Today is World Emoji Day - an unofficial holiday celebrated on July 17 that recognizes Shigetaka Kurita, a Japanese designer that developed the tiny graphic images in 1999. For today's 9:30 Coffee Break, what songs do you want to hear that mention a particular emoji?

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The Stooges photo

Today in Music History: Remembering Ron Asheton

The Beatles released 'All You Need Is Love'; John Coltrane passed away; Simple Minds made their live debut; Virgin Records signed Keith Richards to a solo deal; Bono received the French government's highest cultural honor; and Ron Asheton was born, Today in Music History.

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