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Nashville's Adia Victoria plays songs from 'A Southern Gothic'

Adia Victoria joins us for a virtual session to play songs from her upcoming record, 'A Southern Gothic'. Victoria catches up with Jill Riley about her journey to Nashville, putting together the new record, and the community she built over quarantine.

Michigander perform a seven-song #MicroShow set at Icehouse

"It's good to be playing music again," said Jason Singer of Detroit's Michigander, who took the stage at Icehouse in Minneapolis with a seven-song #MicroShow set from across their discography, including tracks from their latest release, 'Everything Will Be OK Eventually'.

Ya Tseen discuss collaborating in a spaceship, and not getting precious about it

Ya Tseen, the newest project from the multi-disciplinary Indigenous artist Nicholas Galanin, joins The Current to play songs from their debut record Indian Yard. Galanin and his longtime collaborator OCnotes discuss the making of the record, their spaceship recording studio in Sitka, Alaska, and the importance of not getting precious about your work in collaborations.

LUMP perform songs from 'Animal' in virtual session

LUMP--the collaborative project between Laura Marling and Tunng's Mike Lindsay--join The Current to play songs from their sophomore record, Animal. The duo catch up with The Current's Jill Riley about how they came together, the freedoms of exploring a new sound in this project, and the 8 foot tall tulle puppet Laura's been working on.