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Join hosts Jay Gabler and Jade as they chat about current events in the music industry: how social issues are affecting the world of music, how venues are faring during the pandemic, as well as the latest trends and topics. The Current Music News is an essential watch for fans of all genres of music to stay connected to the music and to each other. Follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the latest episodes. For an audio version of the The Current Music News, subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, or wherever else you get your podcasts.

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Music News: Is every artist an indie artist now?

Taylor Swift at the 'Cats' movie premiere, 2019.

Taylor Swift isn't an 'independent artist' in the conventional sense, but her new album 'folklore' was assembled remotely with indie artists like Aaron Dessner and Justin Vernon. From Nur-D to Charli XCX, everyone's going DIY these days. Will this become the new normal?

Music News: Musicians lost to COVID-19

Cristina in 1978.

As the coronavirus crisis continues, we look at some of the sadly many musicians - from world-famous to quietly impactful - we've lost to COVID-19.

Music News: Muzak goes bankrupt

An indoor shopping mall in the 1960s.

Mood Media, the owner of the Muzak brand, is filing for bankruptcy. Is this the end of an era for elevator music?

Music News: Country music faces racial reckoning

The Chicks perform with Beyonce in 2016.

Changing their name to the Chicks, the band formerly known as the Dixie Chicks have declared that they want to 'meet this moment.' Is this the moment when country music finally faces a reckoning that will unseat the genre's longstanding racial exclusion?

Music News: How musicians are fighting white supremacy

Jeff Tweedy of Wilco

As the music world confronts institutional racism and white supremacy, individual artists are wondering what steps they can take to establish a new, more equitable norm. Jeff Tweedy and Fiona Apple are sharing revenue, Patterson Hood is acknowledging 'the bad name I gave my band,' and the Beths are wondering about the responsibilities of white artists releasing new music.

Music News: Nabil Ayers on Ed Eckstine, Blackout Tuesday, and hopes for change

Nabil Ayers, U.S. general manager of 4AD.

Nabil Ayers is the U.S. general manager for the record label 4AD. He's also a musician and a writer, and recently in the New York Times, he had an interview with Ed Eckstine, who was the first black person to be appointed head of a major label in the U.S. He talked about that conversation, and about all the conversations happening in the music industry around Blackout Tuesday.