Musicheads® Essentials is a web feature that gives the Current staff a chance to share some of our favorite albums of all time with our listeners. Join us each week as a different Current host or staff member picks an essential album from their collection and tells you why they love it.

Musicheads Essential Artist: Lizzo

Known for her powerhouse vocals, charismatic raps, and uplifting performances, Lizzo has emerged as a leading voice in her body-positive generation.

Musicheads Essential Artist: Brittany Howard

A prodigiously talented singer, songwriter, and guitarist who's become a torchbearer for a new generation of rockers, Brittany Howard is a Musicheads Essential Artist.

Musicheads Essential Artist: Otis Redding

Otis Redding shares the honorific the King of Soul with both James Brown and Sam Cooke. Not only is his influence heard in soul and R&B music, but his impact on the history of popular music is immense.

Musicheads Essential Artist: Charley Pride

This beloved country star was an African American man whose success in a genre that often marginalized Black artists made him an inspiration for those who believe that country music is for all Americans.

Musicheads Essential Artist: Public Enemy

The groundbreaking hip-hop group Public Enemy ushered in a new era of politically and socially conscious rap music that influenced the next several decades of popular music.