Music and album reviews from the staff of 89.3 The Current.

Album of the Week: The Hold Steady, 'Open Door Policy'

The Hold Steady return with their eighth studio album 'Open Door Policy,' recorded with producer Josh Kaufman. It's the second record in their current six-piece lineup that frontman Craig Finn fondly refers to as "Hold Steady 3.0".

Album of the Week: Weezer, 'OK Human'

Motivated to recreate the classic songwriting of Harry Nilsson and production from timeless albums like Pet Sounds, Weezer delivers a release that adds sounds from the history of orchestral pop but still sounds exactly like Weezer. 'OK Human' is 30 minutes of expertly paced new material from the architect of alt rock who continues to chase the perfect song.

Album of the Week: The Staves, 'Good Woman'

The Staves return with twelve new tracks for their best album yet. The third release from the sibling trio showcases raw emotion poured over intense ballads and sophisticated melodies.

Album of the Week: Foo Fighters, 'Medicine At Midnight'

Medicine at Midnight sees Foo Fighters doing what they do best, laying down killer riffs and expressive drumming, lifting the spirits of us all. Listen for influences from the band's favorites - they love their fellow musicians, they love rock and roll, and they're just plain psyched to share that love.

Album of the Week: Sault, 'Rise'

There's a thesis of sorts to be found in the midway point of Sault's Rise. "The Beginning and The End" with the lyrics, "We shall reclaim our joy/We shall remuster our strength, through millennia/Bathed in the tears of a thousand ancestors, we shall rise." And there is joy in this album, it's the most danceable record of the four released in the last two years, but that joy is also an act of resistance.

Album of the Week: Arctic Monkeys, 'Live at the Royal Albert Hall'

Live at the Royal Albert Hall showcases many of Arctic Monkeys' most recent songs along with fan favorites and a presence from the audience that will deliver you back to the live music experience so many of us are craving. From the frenetic "Brianstorm" to the meandering "Arabella," you're left wishing you could have been in the crowd but grateful to have this album to consume as we are all socially distancing.