Music and album reviews from the staff of 89.3 The Current.

Album of the Week: Heart Bones, 'Hot Dish'


Capturing the essence of their riotously fun live shows on a record, Heart Bones' debut is brawny and sprightly. Until the day we can once again watch Ellis and Tillmann boogie around the stage in spandex, 'Hot Dish' will hit all the right pleasure spots.

Album of the Week: Pearl Jam, 'Gigaton'

Pearl Jam, 'Gigaton'

The album is a blend of their ever-urgent rock songs, alongside richly emotional, powerful ballads that sometimes verge on being outright power ballads.

Album of the Week: Soccer Mommy, 'Color Theory'

Soccer Mommy, 'Color Theory'

'Color Theory' is a wide, uncanny valley of sound: an array of riffs, beats, melodies, and vibes that are deeply reminiscent of something you feel like you've heard before, but can't quite place.