Music and album reviews from the staff of 89.3 The Current.

Album of the Week: Dinosaur Jr., 'Sweep It Into Space'

The latest record from Dinosaur Jr. is a deft example of the band at their best. J Mascis warbles his way thru lyrics that relate as much to dad rock as college rock and high school emo, Lou Barlow's clear declarations, softer melodies revving up to face-melting solos, and Murph holding down the beats.

Album of the Week: Middle Kids, 'Today We're the Greatest'

Australia's Middle Kids released their second record in March, 'Today We're the Greatest,' and it's our Album of the week. Frontwoman Hannah Joy talked to Maddie about the themes of reflection and space on the record, writing on the road in America, and recording in a studio for the first time.

Album of the Week: Jon Batiste, 'WE ARE'

This album exudes the energy of a generous musical soul, who wants to let the songs win and wants the egos parked as far away from the music stands as possible. There's plenty of great guests including the voice of Mavis Staples and the guitar work of Cory Wong, who is based in Minnesota, but the core of the record is Jon Batiste's musical universe.

Album of the Week: Kings of Leon, 'When You See Yourself'

Nashville's Kings of Leon have returned with their eighth studio album, 'When You See Yourself,' out now on RCA Records. Zeke connected with bandmember Jared Followill to talk about the new record, and the new collaborations they tried out on this record.

Album of the Week: Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, 'CARNAGE'

There's no clear-cut end to grief, and thus any attempt to label CARNAGE as a capstone to this section of Cave's life would be done so in folly. Emotions are ever-unfolding, and Cave is not a person who will try to wrap life into a tidy package, but CARNAGE truly does feel like a summation of the last several years of his career and life, and is a milestone of sorts in both realms.

Album of the Week: Julien Baker, 'Little Oblivions'

Listening to Little Oblivions is like reading a great novel - the songs develop from simple concepts to deep complex narratives that will leave you sensing the emotional labor that Baker puts into each note and lyric.

Album of the Week: The Hold Steady, 'Open Door Policy'

The Hold Steady return with their eighth studio album 'Open Door Policy,' recorded with producer Josh Kaufman. It's the second record in their current six-piece lineup that frontman Craig Finn fondly refers to as "Hold Steady 3.0".