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Album of the Week: Tegan and Sara, 'Hey, I'm Just Like You'

Tegan and Sara's 'Hey, I'm Just Like You.'

'Hey, I'm Just Like You' is a companion album to Tegan and Sara's new aptly-titled memoir 'High School.' Revisiting songs they wrote as teenagers, the duo lift their voices and elevate the experiences of adolescents who might be feeling a lot of the same emotions.

Album of the Week: The Highwomen, 'The Highwomen'

The Highwomen self-titled release

While their name is an homage to the classic country collaboration - The Highwomen flip country cliches upside down on their self-titled debut that has taken the music press by storm.

Album of the Week: Lana Del Rey, 'Norman F--ing Rockwell!'

Cover art for Lana Del Rey's 'Norman F---ing Rockwell!'

It's the highly-anticipated sixth studio album from the postmodern chanteuse, and although the folk-flavored arrangements don't break Del Rey's well-established melancholy mold, it's an inviting and often witty effort: on the album cover, she's extending a hand to welcome you on board.

Album of the Week: Bon Iver, 'i,i'

Bon Iver, 'i,i'

Bon Iver has embraced the idea of passing the mic, and using his gigantic platform to lift up the voices of the marginalized on 'i,i'.