Music and album reviews from the staff of 89.3 The Current.

Album Review: Weezer - Hurley

Thank you Mr. Cuomo (and the rest of Weezer) for continuing to give me something to tap my foot to, and for not taking life too seriously.

Album Review: Interpol - Interpol

With over 13 years of post-punk revivalism under their belt, New York natives Interpol have released their self-titled fourth album.

Album Review: Arcade Fire - The Suburbs

Is it just me, or does the release of Arcade Fire's third full length album "The Suburbs" feel like the biggest moment in indie rock since Radiohead dropped "OK Computer" on us back in 1997?

The tale of a visit to Paisley Park...

"Isn't the sky beautiful tonight?" asked Prince as he welcomed me warmly into his Paisley Park studio complex in Chanhassen on a warm May evening.

Album Review: Dark Night of the Soul

"Dark Night of the Soul," the title of first and presumably last collaboration between David Lynch, Sparklehorse primary Mark Linkous and Danger Mouse, really says it all.

Album Review: M.I.A. - /\/\ /\ Y /\

The messages that stick with me are that she wants her story to be told, she was born free, she's not going to be something that she isn't and it is possible to make a killing without forgetting the feeling.

Album Review: Wolf Parade - Expo 86

The eleven tracks on Wolf Parade's third full-length release, "Expo 86," are noisy monuments of classic rock and disco ensconced in starkly modern arrangements.

Album Review: The Roots - How I Got Over

Philadelphia's The Roots have been paving the way for a new breed of mainstream conscious rap since the early '90s. Their brand of both unpredictable live jam sessions and thought-provoking lyricism helped introduce hip-hop to folks who otherwise hadn't taken much interest in the genre.

Album Review: DEVO - Something for Everybody

After 20 years Devo still surprise with an album that not only entertains but shows some promise that they can reinvent themselves and blend in with modern pop culture.