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Call to Mind is Minnesota Public Radio's initiative to foster new conversations about mental health. Check out this page for the latest ways your favorite musicians and the music industry are addressing the importance of mental well-being for everyone. For more wellness and mental health resources, go to

We're sharing tips for well-being, stories of artists who have experienced mental health conditions, and playing songs to empower and support you in caring for your own mental health. The Current is also highlighting the importance in taking time to talk about your mental well-being.

  • Mental and substance use disorders can affect anyone, from any background. Statistically, half of us will deal with a mental health condition at some point in our lives. One in five of us are coping with something every year.
  • If you or someone you know is living with a mental health condition, support is available. Up to 90 percent of people treated for a mental health condition experience a significant reduction in symptoms and improved quality of life.
  • Americans believe treatment works; more than two-thirds agree that treatment and support can help people with mental health issues lead quality lives. Fewer than one-in-five Americans say they would think less of a friend or relative in recovery.

More information about Mental Health Month and resources for your well-being can be found at Join the conversation on social with the hashtag #TimeToTalk.

Rock and Roll Book Club: Michael Bloomfield, 'Guitar King'

David Dann's 'Guitar King: Michael Bloomfield's Life in the Blues.'

In his new biography 'Guitar King,' David Dann makes a case for Michael Bloomfield as the first real guitar god in American blues-rock. There's a lot of competition in that race, but Bloomfield certainly belongs on any shortlist.

Review and photos: Lucy Dacus masters silence and noise at the Cedar Cultural Center

On Saturday night, the air inside the Cedar Cultural Center was still. Hundreds of bodies squeezed in front of the stage to see Lucy Dacus, but a deliberate quiet filled the room. The songwriter from Richmond, Virginia has built a loyal following around her introspective and heartbreakingly honest lyrics, from 2016’s No Burden and 2018’s Historian…

Interview: Big Thief’s Adrianne Lenker is a fortress of vulnerability

Pressing play on Big Thief’s third studio album U.F.O.F. (short for “Unidentified Flying Object Friend”) when it was released in May to immense critical acclaim felt like stepping outside during spring’s tender awakening; from the hopeful uncertainty of “Cattails” to the final release of “Jenni,” when a grungy bass line rips through to an ending…

Welcome to Dizzyland: Dizzy Fae grows up, levels up, and manifests

21-year-old Minneapolis-based musician Dizzy Fae has been in the news a lot recently, from interviews in British Vogue to nods in the New York Times. She performed a headlining set at World Pride this year, and dropped her second mixtape, No GMO, in June. Fae attributes its title to the experience of emerging from childhood,…

iLLism on Black Love, Black Vulnerability and Mental Health, Black Magic and Celebrating 10 years of Marriage

iLLism in Los Angeles

As one of the rare couple duos in the Twin Cities, iLLism have been killing the local Hip-Hop scene for many years now. Their latest album, Illuminate, which debuted last spring, reflected frontman Envy's and lead vocalist Fancy's growth as both individuals and as a couple, as well as the beauty of black love. Jeffrey Bissoy interviewed Envy and Fancy about their continuing growth as a couple and as musicians.

Movie Review: ‘Judy’ gives Garland one of the best music biopics in recent years

Let’s get this out of the way first: there’s one mention of Minnesota in the new Judy Garland biopic, and it’s not very positive. In fact, it’s essentially a threat. In a scene set around the time Judy Garland was shooting The Wizard of Oz, movie mogul Louis B. Mayer (Richard Cordery) is reminding the young…