Buffalo Moon - Machista


Buffalo Moon
Buffalo Moon - Machista (Album artwork)
Buffalo Moon - Machista
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Buffalo Moon - Machista, the title track from their new album.

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  • Buffalo Moon performs in The Current studio You'd never be able to tell that the majority of Buffalo Moon's members are originally from South Dakota (except for lead vocalist Karen Freire, who hails from Ecuador). Their unique hybrid of bossa nova, samba soul, and electropop is perfect for the oncoming winter when you need reminding that summer will, eventually, be back.
  • Buffalo Moon performs in The Current studio Buffalo Moon's sun drenched sounds have moved off of the coast and into the jungle on their sophomore release "Selva Surreal." Appropriately translating into "Surreal Jungle," Buffalo Moon steps away from the breezy and dreamy sound found on their debut "Wetsuit" and dive into a psychedelic forest where laser sounds grow like palm trees.

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