Interview: Dan Auerbach of the Arcs

Interview: Dan Auerbach of the Arcs
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Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys teamed up with his recording buddies to form a new collaboration called the Arcs, and he sat down with host Bill DeVille to chat about their debut album Yours, Dreamily.

Since each of the band members are also busy as musicians, producers and record label-owners, the Arcs—Dan Auerbach, Richard Swift, Nick Movshon, Leon Michaels and Homer Steinweiss—recorded Yours, Dreamily whenever they found free time to get together, resulting in an album that was tracked at four different studios in New York, Los Angeles and Nashville.

Yours, Dreamily features an eight-piece mariachi band, hints of reggae, blues influences and even Afrobeat. "The last real job I had was working at a record shop," Auerbach says. "This album pretty much represents all of our record collections."

Watch the psychedelic video for the Arcs' latest "Outta My Mind," featuring footage of a fight in Chinatown and Meek Mill/Drake beef.

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