Music News: Sufjan Stevens's Oscars jacket inspires memes


Sufjan Stevens performs at the 90th Academy Awards.
Sufjan Stevens performs at the 90th Academy Awards. (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Sufjan Stevens may not have won an Oscar, but the striped jacket he wore to perform his song "Mystery of Love" on Sunday night struck social media gold. Viewers were also struck by his whispery voice and short performance. "BB8 was on stage longer than Sufjan," tweeted the industry news publication Modern Vinyl. (Billboard)

Remembering Russ Solomon

92-year-old Russ Solomon was watching the Oscars at home, making sarcastic comments about the red carpet fashion choices. He asked his wife if she'd refill his whiskey, and when she got back he was dead.

A heart attack thus claimed the life of the man who founded Tower Records in 1960 in Sacramento, California. At its peak in the 1980s and '90s, Tower was one of the world's largest music retail chains, but the MP3 revolution quickly claimed chain stores and Tower called it quits in 2006. (Spin)

Lonely Island share unreleased Oscars song

The Lonely Island were asked to write a song for the Oscars, they say, but were ultimately told their vision would be "financially and logistically impossible" to stage — featuring vocals by everyone from Mark Hamill to Chris Rock to Groot. Now that the Oscars are over, they've shared a mock-up of their musical spectacular for the world to enjoy. (Rolling Stone)

Prince album sells for big bucks on Discogs

The limited-edition grey-vinyl variant of Prince’s Black Album, from its official 1994 release, isn't nearly as rare as a copy of the original 1987 pressing — but copies are still pretty hard to come by, since only 50 of them were made. One of those copies was the most expensive album sold in January on the site Discogs, where it fetched $5,332.

Shkreli has to forfeit Wu-Tang album

Of course, the rarest album of them all is the edition-of-one double LP by the Wu-Tang Clan. Pharmaceutical czar Martin Shkreli paid $2 million for the album in 2015, and now that he's been convicted of securities fraud, the government will be seizing his copy — along with $5 million in cash, and theoretically the unreleased Lil Wayne album that he says he also owns. Oh, and also a Picasso painting. (Billboard)

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