Coloring page: Twin Cities Turkey 2018

Twin Cities Turkey 2018
Get out the crayons and start coloring this year's Twin Cities turkey (Corey Sweeter)

Twin Cities illustrator Corey Sweeter shares his annual music-themed coloring page. Download the full-size JPG here or grab a PDF here.

Fritz is a lucky turkey. He comes from a special place. It's home to legendary athletes like Lindsay Whalen and Joe Mauer. It's a state so proud of its most famous musician, Prince, that it even has a 24/7 live stream of songs inspired by his music. It's a place where people go out of their way to help other folks out, like via charities like Still Kickin'. Why, it's a land so connected to nature that it even has an occasional raccoon scaling a skyscraper. Fritz is a lucky turkey indeed.

You can find all of Sweeter's illustrations at his portfolio website:

Take a photo of your completed coloring and upload it in the comments below!


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