Listen to new songs from Duran Duran, DRAMA, Lorde, Gang of Youths, Rachel Lime and Clairo


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Lorde's much-awaited new music has finally hit the horizon, and we also get new music from Australian indie rockers Gang of Youths, longtime pop stars Duran Duran and singer-songwriter Clairo. Discover new things from Chicago's DRAMA and from Minnesota (for now) artist Rachel Lime.

Duran Duran, "Invisible"

Duran Duran have a new album that's coming out October 22. And while there is still a focus on dance elements and melody, the track feels like it's a step in a different direction from their previous music. The album also features guest appearances from Mike Garson and Lykke Li.

DRAMA, "Don't Hold Back"

Some dancefloor R&B from Chicago duo Na'el Shehade and Via Rosa. As DRAMA they don't hide away from encompassing sounds that would fill the club floor. The band said of the new single, "At its core, 'Don't Hold Back' is about the fear of commitment. The song acts out a dialogue between lovers who have made it to the place they always prayed for and are now having second thoughts."

Lorde, "Solar Power"

Lorde has been hinting at a new album being in the works since 2018, when she first teased that she and producer Jack Antonoff were collaborating again. While the release may not have gone off exactly as she had hoped (it was leaked out a week before it was supposed to be released), it's here to show off a new era of Lorde. It goes to show what time and breath can do for an artist, allowing them to experiment with their sound and stretch creatively. This sounds nothing like Lorde's previous music. There's a lightness, a freedom, and a maturity to "Solar Power" that speaks to an exciting album on the way. Bonus points for the backing vocalists, Phoebe Bridgers and Clairo.

Gang of Youths, "the angel of 8th avenue"

The Australian band took the pandemic as a time to rethink their sound and to overhaul themselves artistically. They were able to leave expectations aside and make music that came from creative exploration in the studio. The first single from that new project is based on the night lead singer Dave Le'aupepe met his wife. Le'aupepe's baritone speak-singing grounds the story, and a driving and shimmering sound sparkles in this rock song about being in love and being good for someone in your life.

Rachel Lime, "Voyager 3"

Rachel Lime is a new voice on the Twin Cities scene, but she arrives with a fully developed aesthetic. After years of honing her skills as a singer and multi-instrumentalist by practicing cover songs (see: "Dreams"), the 26-year-old took the leap and started creating original music a couple of years ago. A Korean adoptee raised in Lutheran Minnesotan culture, Lime describes herself as a "huge geek" whose electronic music is inspired by her heritage ("Silla"), her interests ("Voyager 3"), and a general sense of longing for new frontiers. Speaking of which … she's moving to New York this summer, but she expects to stay connected to Minnesota. To prove it, she's playing Sounds Like Home X on June 24. This profile about Rachel Lime published on our website on June 11, the day her debut album A.U. dropped. – Cecilia Johnson

Clairo, "Blouse"

Claire Cottrill, aka Clairo, found inspiration for her new album, Sling, from her relationship with her dog. As she posted to social media, "Joanie, my dog, opened up my world in ways I didn't think were capable. By caring for her, it forced me to face my own thoughts about parenthood and what it would mean to me … It's a glimpse into a world where I found that domesticity is what I was missing." Bringing in Jack Antonoff as co-producer and Lorde as a co-vocalist, the simple and sparse song is filled with love and longing, and at times reminded me of the harmonies of Simon and Garfunkel.