Today in Music History: Happy Birthday, Al Green

Al Green

Bobby Goldsboro tugged heartstrings all the way to No. 1; Elton John and Paul McCartney had the No. 1 single and album, respectively; Aerosmith got their own holiday in Massachusetts; and soul singer Al Green was born, Today in Music History.

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Celebrate Minnesota Music Month with The Current

Minnesota Music Month 1500 x 750

Each weekday in April, we're paying tribute to a different Minnesotan artist in honor of Minnesota Music Month. We'll hear Musicheads Essentials features that explore the lives and careers of artists like Poliça, Gaelynn Lea, and Sonny Knight, as well as tracks from their catalogs.

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The Current Sessions®

Tune-Yards perform songs from 'sketchy.' in a virtual session

Tune-Yards: Virtual Session

Merrill Garbus and Nate Brenner of Tune-Yards join Maddie for a virtual session to play songs from their latest record, 'sketchy.' The three of them discuss the band's first time scoring a film, how martial arts movies played a role in their creative process, and thinking of themselves as athletes in the studio.

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Frances Forever: Virtual Session

Frances Forever - Virtual Session

Frances Forever joins The Current to play a few tracks and talk about balancing their senior year of college with a record label signing, their philosophy of recording cover songs, and which instruments they want to learn next.

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Tash Sultana: Virtual Session

Tash Sultana - Virtual Session

Tash Sultana plays tracks from their sophomore record, Terra Firma, out now on Lonely Lands Records. Sultana talks to The Current's Maddie about moving into their studio to work on the record, how their recording process changed in quarantine, and tales from their busking days.

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The Current app

Download The Current's app to hear a crisp, high-fidelity stream of our station (and our additional streams) wherever you go!

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Prince: The Story of 1999

The Current Morning Show Features

Coffee Snake: Name drops


For today's 9:30 Coffee Break, what songs do you want to hear that name drop another musician or band? Let's see if we can make a "snake" or two -- a chain of songs that reference the next band, then the next band, etc.

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