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Live Virtual Session: Jack Garratt performs songs from new album, talks importance of mental health

Jack Garratt is in the process of releasing his latest album, 'Love, Death and Dancing'; he's releasing the songs in phases to give his fans a chance to really get to know the songs. Garratt also speaks frankly about mental health. 'I realized I'll never be perfect, and that is not only fine, but worth celebrating,' he says. Watch the complete Live Virtual Session hosted by Jill Riley.

Adam Weiner of Low Cut Connie plays an uplifting Live Virtual Session

Adam Weiner of Low Cut Connie, at home in South Philadelphia, connects with host Jade for a Live Virtual Session for The Current. ' We're all separated, we're all in our houses,' Weiner says. 'But we're connecting right now though the magic of radio and technology. We're making art right now.' Watch Adam Weiner play songs by Low Cut Connie, a tasty Prince cover and few surprises.