Indie Gaelynn Lea with Wheelchair Sports Camp, Billy McLaughlin, and DJ FunSize

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Gaelynn Lea Wheelchair SPorts Camp poster

Ordway Concert Hall
345 Washington St
Saint Paul, MN 55102
651 224-4222


On sale Tuesday, April 16, 2019, 10:00 AM

Gaelynn Lea

Join Gaelynn Lea and her full band for an evening of music that defies genres and labels. Gaelynn will be hosting her first-ever showcase at The Ordway, and has invited a radical group of talented artists to join her onstage. From hip-hop to acoustic guitar and everything in between, the audience will be taken on a musical joyride that is sure to include artist collaboration, heartfelt lyrics, political insight, and lots of laughs.

Wheelchair Sports Camp

Combining humor, radical political perspectives, compassion, and undeniable musical chops, Wheelchair Sports Camp is Denver’s biggest smallest band. Fronted by the wheelchair-using, rapping, beat-making activist Kalyn, the band uses live and electronic instruments to create their own noisy, jazzy, experimental take on hip-hop.

Billy McLaughlin

Emmy-award winner Billy McLaughlin plays guitar that defies gravity, medical experts, and other guitar players who say it can’t be done. He is recognized as an innovative performer and composer who embraces the advantages of acoustic guitar amplification, unorthodox techniques, and altered tunings while celebrating a gift for melody. Come see and hear for yourself.

DJ Fun Size

Introduced to the joys of record playing & collecting at a (very) early age, DJ FunSize represents a New Skool millennial diggin’ the Old Skool. DJ FunSize is a vinyl-only DJ who’s been spinning records since well before he could walk! He plays a variety of events in Minnespolis, including The Electric Fetus Record Store Day for the past three years. “I try to select music for each gig that will guarantee a unique and memorable music experience for all.” His primary genres are disco, house, and funk.