Rock the Garden 2009

Rock the Garden 2009
Rock the Garden 2009 (MPR / Eamon Coyne)
Rock the Garden (2009) - Live
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The Decemberists have carried their ambitious, theatrical pop to new heights with the critically acclaimed 17-song rock opera, The Hazards of Love. On-stage, Meloy's captivating story-songs are matched by the band's consummate showmanship.

Calexico are restless musical adventurers, mining the expansive landscapes and histories of the American Southwest; their latest, Carried to Dust, has been hailed as a fresh burst of experimental folk-pop.

Trafficking in what they call "Middle Eastern-psych-pop-snap-gospel," the Brooklyn-based Yeasayer merges spirituals and synthesizers in propulsive, polyrhythmic songs; they conjure ancient traditions while looking toward an alternately bleak and bright future in songs such as "2080," which put the band on numerous critics' radar.

Jump-starting the Garden party was local electro-rockers Solid Gold. During a recent UK tour, NME described their hit "Get Over It" as "exquisite spectral disco and a slow-burn favourite in the making."


  • Solid Gold

    "Armoured Cars," "Calm Down," "Bible Thumper," "Get Over It"

  • Yeasayer

    Tightrope," "Wait for the Summer," "Sunrise," "2080"

  • Calexico

    "Alone Again," "Bend To The Road," "Jesus & Tequila," "House Of Valparaiso," "Two Silver Trees"

  • The Decemberists

    "Hazards Of Love," "The Rake Song," "The Queen's Rebuke," "The Wanting Comes In Waves," "Crazy On You."

Photos: Eamon Coyne; Videos: Chuck Olsen