Album Review: Weezer - Raditude


Weezer - Raditude (Album Art)

The new album from Weezer, Raditude, proves that the band is not ready to take themselves too seriously. Especially when you let a funny man like Rainn Wilson (The Office) help name the album. Rivers Cuomo and the rest of the band prove they still know how to write a catchy pop hook, with heavy guitars and goofball lyrics. The general theme of the album is about having fun and being young. But the question remains, will River Cuomo ever write about how he actually got the girl? Maybe when he grows up, but there's no indication of that happening yet. That's a good thing. Weezer fans, young and old, should get some enjoyment out of the new record.

Raditude opens with the first single "If You're Wondering If I Want You To (I Want You To). Other stand out tracks are "I'm You're Daddy," "The Girl Got Hot" and "In The Mall." Lil' Wayne makes an appearance in "Can't Stop Partying." Is this an example of Weezer's funny bone? Or are they making songs for a new generation who expect the rap cameo in a song? Either way, it somehow works and it could give them a chance to work with artists from the new generation of music fans (but probably their last opportunity to work with Lil' Wayne for awhile since he may be serving some time behind bars on a weapons charge).

In the age of quick and easy downloads, bands have to be creative when it comes to promotion of special bonus material to get fans to buy an old fashioned CD. Weezer does offer special access to songs if you're in the Weezer club. Again, proving they haven't lost their sense of humor, Weezer is the first band to have their own Snuggie. You know, those wearable blankets as seen on TV. If you buy a standard blue Weezer Snuggie, you get a copy of the CD. I thought that promotion was fake when I saw the Weezer Snuggie infomercial on Youtube. But alas, it's a real promotion. Check out to see it for yourself. Oh, and if you get the Weezer deluxe package, you get the zebra print Weezer Snuggie and the Raditude Deluxe CD (with special bonus material).

After making albums for 15 years, Weezer has managed to stay relevant. Raditude may not satisfy all the hardcore Pinkerton fans, but anyone who loved the Blue Album will appreciate Raditude for it's similar themes and catchy hooks. The awkward rejects (like me) who were young when the Blue Album was big will be able to revisit and reflect on those days with this new installment into the Weezer discography fondly and with the a hint of a smile.