Theft of the Dial: Dawes

Wylie Gelber, Taylor Goldsmith and Lee Pardini of Dawes at The Current (MPR / Nate Ryan)
Theft of the Dials: Dawes
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Before their big gig at the State Theatre, Taylor Goldsmith, Wylie Gelber and Lee Pardini of Dawes stopped by The Current to curate a playlist and take over our airwaves with a Theft of the Dial.

The set kicked off with a song off Dawes' latest album, We're All Gonna Die. "As [the presidential election] started heating up, we thought, 'You know, that would actually make a really good title. It seems to be what's on everybody's mind,'" said frontman Goldsmith, introducing "Roll with the Punches."

Taylor, Lee and Wylie did a great job of curating a Theft of the Dial playlist of songs that felt connected yet unique.

Goldsmith only recently discovered longtime singer-songwriter James McCurty, considering him one of the most brilliant lyricists he's heard in years. The Boss, another talented lyricist, makes it on to the playlist with Taylor opting for the more personal and less commercially successful single "Brilliant Disguise" off Tunnel of Love. The Randy Newman track is dear to Dawes' hearts because they are all lifelong Los Angeles residents – they often play the song for their audiences post-encore.

In the second set, Goldsmith shares a track off buddy Jim James' latest solo album, Eternally Even, about the Orlando nightclub shooting. "He has such an artful way in engaging with these dialogues," said Goldsmith, "and it being something that lifts you up rather than alienates people even further."

James could wind up having a career trajectory similar to that of Jeff Lynne, host Mac Wilson and Dawes concluded. "His quality control has never wavered," said Goldsmith. Then there's Pete Townsend, who isn't releasing new music like Lynne but has an undeniable classic song in "Picture of Man."

Theft of the Dial: Dawes Playlist

Dawes - "Roll with the Punches"
James McMurtry - "Copper Canteen"
Bruce Springsteen - "Brilliant Disguise"
Randy Newman - "I Love L.A."
Jim James - "Here in Spirit"
Electric Light Orchestra - "When the Night Comes"
Pete Townsend - "Let My Love Open the Door"
Dawes - "Picture of a Man"

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