Father John Misty to headline Rock the Garden 2018

Father John Misty
Father John Misty, performing at Historic Hall's Island in 2015. (MPR Photo | Nate Ryan)

Having begun his music career as a drummer in the band Fleet Foxes, Josh Tillman launched his solo career under the moniker Father John Misty with the album Fear Fun in 2012. Since that time, Father John Misty has released the albums I Love You, Honeybear (2015) and Pure Comedy (2017), garnering much attention with his thoughtfully constructed songs consisting of indie-folk arrangements under lyrics that can be alternately beautiful, disturbing or confounding. That's no accident — through his songwriting and performing persona, Father John Misty takes on culturally heavy topics, including politics, language, religion, love, entertainment … even existence itself.

Father John Misty's music has struck a chord with local audiences, as his résumé of live shows attests: in the past couple of years, Father John Misty has performed notable shows at Hall's Island in Minneapolis, at Surly Brewing Festival Field and memorably, at a #MicroShow for The Current, held at Icehouse in Minneapolis. And on June 16, 2018, Father John Misty will bring his music and his spellbinding stage presence to Rock The Garden.

A flash pre-sale on Rock the Garden tickets, available only to MPR and Walker Art Center members, runs from 10 a.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 13, to 5 p.m. Friday, Dec. 15. Last year, Rock the Garden tickets sold out to members. This is the only chance to purchase Rock the Garden tickets until spring.


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