Watch Sleater-Kinney in concert at the Palace Theatre

Sleater-Kinney perform live to a completely sold-out house at the Palace Theatre in St. Paul, Minn. (The Current)

Touring in support of their 10th studio album, The Center Won't Hold, Sleater-Kinney played a sold-out concert at the Palace Theatre in St. Paul, Minn., on Tuesday, Oct. 15. The Current was on hand to provide a live video stream of the concert; watch the archived video above (available for a limited time).

The Center Won't Hold is Sleater-Kinney's last album recorded with longtime drummer Janet Weiss. Co-founders Carrie Brownstein and Corin Tucker continue the work of the band that emerged from Olympia, Wash., in 1994, their name taken from the Sleater Kinney Road exit on Interstate 5 in Lacey, Wash., a suburb of Olympia. The new album was produced by Annie Clark, better known by her performance name, St. Vincent.

"The Center Won't Hold drops you into the world of catastrophe that touches on the election," Tucker says about the album's title track. "We're not taking it easy on the audience. That song is meant to be really heavy and dark. And almost like a mission statement, at the end of that song, it's like we're finding our way out of that space by becoming a rock band."

Band Members

Corin Tucker - vocals, guitar
Carrie Brownstein - guitar, vocals
Angie Boylan - drums
Toko Yasuda - keyboards, backing vocals
Katie Harkin - guitar, keyboards, backing vocals

Set List

"The Center Won't Hold"
"Hurry On Home"
"Price Tag"
"The Future Is Here"
"Reach Out"
"Bury Our Friends"
"What's Mine Is Yours"
"One More Hour"
"Bad Dance"
"The Fox"
"Can I Go On"
"A New Wave"
"The Dog/The Body"
First Encore:
"Words and Guitar"
"Modern Girl"
Second Encore:
"Step Aside"
"Dig Me Out"

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