Watch Chastity Brown debut new music at a recent MicroShow

Chastity Brown played a five-song set at the Fine Line Music Cafe in Minneapolis on August 27, 2019 for The Current's Microshow series. (MPR Video)
Chastity Brown - Full #Microshow performance
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  • Chastity Brown - Full #Microshow performance 25:28
  • Chastity Brown - Song 1 05:48
  • Chastity Brown - Back Seat 04:38
  • Chastity Brown - Like The Sun 03:05
  • Chastity Brown - Loving and Leaving 04:53
  • Chastity Brown - Wake Up 05:18

Fresh from work on a forthcoming new album, Chastity Brown enthralled an audience full of lucky winners with four new songs, plus a fan-favorite from her 2017 album Silhouette of Sirens.

Performing August 27, 2019 at the Fine Line in Minneapolis, Brown told the audience about her recent work on an album with drummer and producer Brady Blade in Stockholm, Sweden.

Moved by the passing of Prince in 2016, Chastity Brown has been on a songwriting spree: she has written 126 songs as an homage to Prince's creative energy. She narrowed the list of songs to 14 that she put to tape.

Hear some of the new songs using the video or audio player above.

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