Album of the Week: Seratones, 'POWER'


Seratones - Power (New West Records)

AJ Haynes of Seratones is one of the most impressive band leaders I've come across in 15 years of doing in-studio sessions. It was back in September of last year when they played at The Entry and their album POWER had just been released. They had gotten a ton of critical praise for their debut in 2016, Get Gone, but had suffered some lineup changes, so had that not added to the inevitable pressure to deliver that comes with the follow up album I asked? "I really had no anxiety about the sophomore record, you know, you buy the ticket, take the ride! It's an exciting time to reinvent yourself... it feels real good."

The debut had been described as proto-punk, hard to define, but AJ's voice and instincts can seamlessly work around and through the genres of rock, soul and funk. She also didn't shy away from delving deeper into her self for the writing process on the new album. Yes, POWER does refer to global themes and dynamics but it is also much more personally revealing than the debut and that intimacy lends strength to the songs. "I've learned that as artists, we will be rewarded for our vulnerability," AJ explained and that is one of the most powerful phrases anyone has uttered in our studios.

It's the precision and passion of AJ's voice that carries the group, but she's also a very accomplished Fender Jazzmaster player. In fact she was honored to be chosen as one of the artists to represent the famous guitar during the 60th anniversary celebrations last year. This year her and the band will be helping us commemorate our 15th Anniversary at First Avenue this Saturday and I couldn't be more proud. She's exactly the kind of artist that we love to champion, respectful of the traditions that she's working in, formidably accomplished at her craft and generating something unique for our time.

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