Wolf Parade perform a Microshow at Icehouse in Minneapolis

Watch Wolf Parade shred through 6 songs at The Current's Microshow at Icehouse in Minneapolis. (MPR Video / Nate Ryan)
Wolf Parade - MicroShow performance for The Current
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| 00:29:31
  • Wolf Parade - MicroShow performance for The Current 29:31
  • Wolf Parade - Against The Day (Live Microshow Performance) 04:12
  • Wolf Parade - Fall Into The Future (Live Microshow Performance) 03:15
  • Wolf Parade - Dinner Bells (Live Microshow Performance) 08:55
  • Wolf Parade - Forest Green (Live Microshow Performance) 05:00
  • Wolf Parade - Just Take Your Man Home (Live Microshow Performance) 04:44
  • Wolf Parade - Modern World (Live Microshow Performance) 02:56

On Saturday, Feb. 15, Wolf Parade recorded what may have been the loudest Microshow to date when they played a live set at Icehouse in Minneapolis. The audience consisted of lucky winners who had entered for a chance to attend this intimate performance.

The Microshow Series is produced by The Current with support from New Belgium Brewing.

Songs Performed

"Against The Day"
"Fall Into The Future"
"Dinner Bells"
"Forest Green"
"Just Take Your Man Home"
"Modern World"

External Links

Wolf Parade - official site

Icehouse - official site

New Belgium Brewing - official site

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  • Wolf Parade Microshow at Icehouse
    Canadian synth-rockers Wolf Parade perform at Microshow at Icehouse in Minneapolis, Saturday, Feb. 15, 2020. (Jay Gabler | MPR)