Album of the Week: The Avett Brothers, 'The Third Gleam'


The Avett Brothers, 'The Third Gleam'
The Avett Brothers, 'The Third Gleam' (Loma Vista Recordings/Concord)
David Safar - Album of the Week: The Avett Brothers, 'The Third Gleam'
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In their ongoing series of Gleam releases, The Avett Brothers go back to their roots as a trio working with longtime bassist, Bob Crawford. It's a return to form that dives deep into what's on their minds and in their hearts as Seth and Scott Avett reflect on the world around us. Recorded prior to the pandemic but rushed to release shortley after, "The Third Gleam" is 8 songs that tackle themes of isolation, unrest, and injustice in America. Following the folk traditions that continue to inspire their 20-year career as a songwriting team, The Avett Brothers craft songs with a certain simplicity that lets the messages shine through the darkness of their lyrical themes to offer a glimmer of hope during uncertain times.

In the run-up to the release, Scott Avett of the Avett Brothers connected with Jill Riley of The Current Morning Show to talk about life, music, and their new release. You can watch the entire interview in the video player below, and read a transcript of the interview here.

Watch The Avett Brothers perform songs from their new album.

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