Album of the Week: Jungle, 'Loving In Stereo'


Jungle, 'Loving In Stereo'
Jungle, 'Loving In Stereo' (Caiola Records)
Album of the Week: Jungle, 'Loving In Stereo'
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Jungle started out with Daft Punk aspirations: become a mysterious production team making catchy tunes. The British duo may have started out as a mystery, but once the Mercury Prize nomination came in followed by big hits - it wasn't going to stay that way long. Now on their third album, Jungle sounds confident and joyful. The bombastic freedom of finding happiness in darkness and pushing thru adversity pulses through Loving in Stereo.

Songs like "Keep Moving," starts with cinematic strings and gentle harmonies like a calm wakeup, and then it kicks things up with hyperactive beats and positivity. Enjoy a slow jam while you figure out how to let things go with "Goodbye My Love" or you can hit the dance floor and chat about your feeling at the same time with "Talk about It". These are songs to pull you out of a slump, a dance revolution for the glass half-full family.

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