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Bad Bad Hats, 'Walkman' album art
Bad Bad Hats, 'Walkman' (Don Giovanni Records)

Indie-pop trio Bad Bad Hats have released their third full-length record, Walkman, showcasing their consistency for writing pleasant, lighthearted music at a masterful frequency of sound. Kerry Alexander is a songwriting force backed by a band that understands how to underscore her classic-pop style melodies with playful rhythms, and smooth-yet-rockin' synth and guitar parts. That relaxed, yet spirited, sculpted pop sound has really defined Bad Bad Hats since the beginning, all the way back to when Alexander delivered the potent lyrics "God, I could've kissed you," from the 2015 single "Midway".

Now in 2021, Bad Bad Hats' new album has plenty of unforgettable tracks such as before but with an even brighter sound than ever. Without getting too sappy or emotional, Alexander writes about love with devotion, sincerity, and truth. Her voice, with an ever-so-slight slur, is so comforting to listen to that it becomes easy to tune out the lyrics. But upon closer listening there is much to appreciate: "You're the only sound that I can't tune out; and the room spins and my head spins, so I give in; and we dance this dance again," she sings on the title track Walkman. Alexander continues throughout, comparing her feelings of enormous love to procuring a "penthouse floor."

Perhaps the album's strongest track is "Detroit Basketball" with its humor-tinged lyrics, crafty instrumentation, and catchy, happy-go-lucky melody. Other key tracks include the dynamic, rhythm-section driven "Gloria Love", the guitar rocking "Milky Way" and the slightly more experimental psychedelic songs "Priority" and "Year of the Crab," which includes the foundational lyrics, "but you're love in with me and I feel fine". Again, like "God, I could've kissed you" from Bad Bad Hats' 2015 hit, Alexander understands how to take powerful phrases and back it with conviction.

Walkman is tight, uniform, steady and above all--delightful. It's an excellent soundtrack to amplify any person's feelings of love and contentment.

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