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Top 11 Scouting Report Poll picks; panel discussion with Maria Isa and Jeremy Messersmith

Minnesota Music Month - Scouting Report (square)
Minnesota Music Month - Scouting Report (square)Photo: Sara Fish | Graphic: MPR
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by Diane

April 14, 2024

Listen to the top 11 vote-getters for the The Current’s Minnesota Music Month Scouting Report Poll, including she’s green, Chutes, Ricki Monique, RIOTGRRRLDARKO, Molly Brant and more.

Also hear a panel discussion featuring veteran musicians jeremy messersmith and Maria Isa talking about the importance of music to community. Airs at 9pm.

Song Debuts:

“Daughter of an Oil Tycoon” by Molly Brandt

“Chelsea” by Sahn

“New York Times Crossword Puzzle” by jeremy messersmith

“(Br)others” by (Br)other

“Overrated” by Landon Conrath


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