Get ready for March Music Madness 2021

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The Current's March Music Madness 2021: a musical road trip (MPR graphic)

This year for The Current's March Music Madness, we're taking a musical road trip across the United States! Together we'll visit the musical scenes and histories of places like New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Detroit — and of course, Minneapolis — on the radio.

In the early rounds, seminal bands and artists from each region will face off for the chance to represent their turf. Then, YOU decide who will become the reigning champion of The Current's March Music Madness! Register below to get your bracket and to enter for your chance to win a gift card from GoBros. Then, tune in March 23 through 26 to follow and to play along in the tournament.

The Current's March Music Madness: A Musical Road Trip is supported by, your local sock experts.
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